Welcome to Marion Baptist Church

How We Began

Almost 125 years ago Marion Baptist Church out of a mission plant of Rehobeth Baptist Church began. In July of 1896, eighteen charter members took part in dedicating and constituting Marion Baptist Church as a religious organization. The purpose of Marion Baptist Church on that day was that every member would have as their uppermost goal in mind to see people won to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. And now 125 years later, it remains that very same purpose.

Continued Growth

On October 9th 2005, with Pastor Charles Adley presiding. The church had been led through his gospel sermons and Godly example to a state of spirituality never before enjoyed. It was recorded that forty five professed conversions took place. The entire community was stirred and awakened. In 1910, Rehobeth Baptist and Marion Baptist became separate fields. Later Marion Baptist and First Baptist in Crisfield joined as one field. In 1919, Marion Baptist Church once again became a separate work of itself. During the tenure of Dr. Charles Sheets, the Church would build a beautiful Church building between 1924 – 1931 that would accommodate 450 persons for worship service at the cost of $23,807.00. This building would be the home to Marion Baptist Church until 1999. In 2000, Marion Baptist Church built with Southern Baptist Volunteers the Sanctuary seen in the photo above for $240,000. In 2007, the fellowship hall seen in the picture above was added for another $240,000 dollars through the help of construction teams as Southern Baptist Volunteers. God has blessed us richly, not only financially in order to have these facilities debt free at this time, but the multitude of professions of faith that have been made in this almost 125 years of operation is the jewel in the crown.

Our Future

We look back at the many challenges that Marion Baptist Church faced in arriving to the place where we are today. Those challenges were only overcome through faithful members committed to the ultimate purpose that this church was established to do. That purpose once again has not changed in that every member have the uppermost goal in mind to see people won to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In this recent year, we have been brought to a place of taking a close look at what ministry will look like moving forward into the future. While it is important to continue to look at ways to have personal face to face fellowship, we are also faced with being more mindful of one another and each others safety. While it may seem like a hard road to travel at this time, we are convinced that with God this can be turned into the most exciting time in the life of the church. Like many other smaller country churches, we have hesitated to embrace the technical route of ministry. Today we are faced with the fact that in order to continue to reach as many as we can reach for Christ, then we need to take that step forward. This web site presence is one of the biggest proofs of these steps being taken. The opportunities is truly limitless and it is our prayer that Marion Baptist Church will view this moment in history as one of those key moments in Kingdom work. The great news is that with this and other opportunities the door is open for you to join in and put your gifts to work in building the kingdom. We admit we don’t have all the answers, but together we can work with the One that does know and have all the answers, and together we can continue the long lasting purpose of Marion Baptist Church of reaching people for Christ.

We welcome you and hope to see you join us on our journey!